Backgrounder on Transportation Funding and Costs

5 September 2017


The attached documents show significant numbers of students have had their bus fees doubled in the last 3 years.  

FOIP Busing Analysis:

This spreadsheet was taken from the FOIP request in 2015 and provides an analysis of the information provided under Trustee Trina Hurdman’s May 13 2015 inquiry
- it shows there are 11,143 Calgary Transit riders eligible for rebate, which was eliminated in the 2015/16 year.
- it shows that 2,217 students were moved onto Calgary Transit from 2014-16

Media Reports:

2,000 students were moved onto CT last year, (see CBC article

1,300 moved onto CT for this year

The School Bus Consultant’s report (page 6) says about 5,300 students will have their bus fees reduced via yellow bus fees.  The reality is no one knows how many students on Calgary Transit will have his or her bus fees reduced under Bill 1 at CBE because CBE does not track Calgary Transit usage.  Any figures would be just a guess.  Report location:

Total # of students who have had their bus fees double as noted above:

16,660 students whose bus fees have doubled by being moved to Calgary Transit/had rebates eliminated

5,300 students who ride yellow bus and will have their fee eliminated

Some students who ride Calgary Transit and will have their fees reduced under Bill 1 (given the 2.4 km distance requirement it is unknown how many this will benefit)

Total:  Thousands of students have had their bus fees doubled under this Board of Trustees and this government. 

Page 21 of independent busing report by School Bus Consultants

The root cause of the busing headache is the large and persistent underfunding of special needs transportation by government.

"With 2,400 students accessing CLN transportation, there is a significant ongoing and unavoidable deficit of up to $10,000,000 for CBE in this area of transportation." CLN is Complex Learning Needs or special needs transportation.

That means if the province fully funded those students, the CBE would not have needed to make any changes to transportation for this year.