September 11, 2017

Students Count Team Calls on CBE to Fund Existing Bussing for One More Year

June 20, 2017 (Updated)

Calgary – The Students Count team today calls on CBE to commit reserve dollars to protect all students and their families who are facing dramatic cost increases and congregated bus stops for the 2017-18 school year.

“Parents are confused and unprepared for this onerous change to bussing,” stated Althea Adams, trustee candidate in Wards 3 & 4, adding: “At very best, parents may be informed of their new bus stop and bus time mere days before the first day of school!”

“As an only parent I am directly impacted by this change, just like thousands of other Calgary parents. With the addition of an undefined Minister level review of CBE, this adds up to just too much uncertainty. We need stability and a sincere conversation between Calgary parents, the CBE, and Alberta Education. It’s clear that significant change is needed at the CBE and my colleagues and I look forward to bringing that change on October 16th,” added Adams.

“If we focus on what is best for the student, the answer is obvious, delay these changes for a year and give students and parents a summer break to recharge their batteries rather than leaving them to fret over how their child will get to school in September,” finished Adams.

Students Count welcomes the Ministers review but is concerned it doesn’t start until August and will be unlikely to accomplish any concrete results before school starts again.

The Students Count team also includes Lisa Davis (Wards 6 & 7), and Sabrina Bartlett (Wards 8 & 9), Sadiq Valliani (Wards 11 & 13), and Mike Bradshaw (Wards 12 & 14).

While running as a team, the candidates have all committed to work with all other elected trustees to ensure the CBE becomes the preeminent education provider in Canada - focused on the future and ensuring that students count!

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Kelley Charlebois