September 11, 2017

Students Count Team Calls on CBE & Alberta Government to Focus on Students and Families

August 11, 2017

Calgary – In response to the Calgary Board of Education release of a recent analysis of their bussing choices the Students Count team calls on both the Alberta government and CBE to focus on the impact of their decisions on students and their parents.

 “In reviewing this report we see the issue we raised in June of a systemic underfunding of special needs transportation of over $10 million being confirmed,” stated Sadiq Valliani, Students Count candidate for Wards 11 & 13.  “We call on the government of Alberta to commit to these children and their families to provide the certainty they deserve,” he added.  Under The School Act, school boards are rightly responsible for transporting these children to and from school.

 “What this report does not do is justify the lack of proper consultation with parents about the radical changes in bussing options and school start times. Consultation with parents needs to be done in a meaningful way that allows entire school communities to participate in decisions that will have far reaching effects on every family,” added Mike Bradshaw, Students Count candidate for Wards 12 & 14.  “We said in June and repeat again today that the CBE should have held proper and meaningful consultations with parents.  We repeat our June 20 call for CBE to fully fund the 2017/18 bussing system through reserves and allow a meaningful consultation.  This report makes it clear that these decisions were made at the administrative level and the current Board is derelict in their duty to all Calgarians to ensure our public education system is the best it can be,” stated Bradshaw.

The lack of certainty around bussing and the unilateral changes to school start times creates added chaos and frustration for families.  “Whether you have children on a bus or not, school start times effect every family in the CBE and we need to do a better job listening to parents. I'm hearing over and over again how difficult year after year changes to bussing schedules are on families. Students Count will build a more stable system," concluded Valliani.

The 6 June 2017 Release & Backgrounder are available at:

Students Count is a team of 5 candidates running throughout Calgary on 5 key points including greater accountability.

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